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For Commercial Use

Every Corporate Company in the market is interested to track printing by Department/Costing Centre. When companies purchase Printers/Copiers – they do “interdepartmental billing” and they need an accurate “tool” to monitor printing/usage by Department/Costing centre. You cannot monitor something if you don’t have a way to “manage” it. PaperCut is the best Management and Cost Management solution available. Why, because we support “all platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux and Novell”

With PaperCut installed a company can look forward of at least 30% saving on their current print spend. How and why? Because Papercut do have 63 Print Policies that can be easily activated to assist in managing the environment and (user behaviour). Print Policies like: a) Requesting a user to print a document in duplex 2) Rerouting high volume print jobs to the cheapest printer on the network c) to not allow any colour printing to be done when printing out of certain applications (outlook/email printing) etc. (See print policy document attached).

Papercut offer “embedded” technology for 24 vendor products (offering Secure Print Release/Follow-me printing)

For Educational Use

There is not a School where the Principal is not interested to know how much and what his staff is printing. He/She definitely would like to know by Subject Matter or Department what the print volumes are? Also to know “what” staff is actually printing (should there be any abuse in them printing “cook books”, invitation, Printerest documents etc.

When you sell a photocopier to a School, the Principal would like to get a usage report per Subject/Department – so that they can pay towards the “rental” or cost of the machine. With PaperCut installed, you can schedule a report that will email usage report by Department to the Principal at the end of each month.

Security is also very important, the feature “watermarking” is something that is most definitely used – so that any exam papers that are printed, can have the subject name and school name printed at the bottom of the page. E.g. “Mathematics Exam Paper July 2018 and the School name”

Secure Print release is a big benefit, as each teacher will “securely” release her/his prints when he/she arrive at the photocopier to release prints on demand.

Also advise schools that they can earn income by offering copy/print services to their Students and the income that they will generate from this will pay towards the photocopier. Show the ROI. How many pages per month might be printed by the students (generate an income) vs the staff. (Web Cashier is a module that is a standard feature within PaperCut).

All the above features available and benefits applicable when selling to Colleges and Universities. But at Universities having a variety of options to load funds are important (Papercut supports: cash over the counter, Mini Kiosk (Cashless environments), Account Cash Loader (Hardware: where students can deposit cash or notes to upload funds into their own accounts, plus Digital Wallets (Snapscan), Debit and Credit Cards and lastly – IntelliPay – parents can remotely deposit funds into their own childs account paying with snapscan and or credit/debit card ( Using Web URL)).

Another Two Powerful Options:
MF vs NG

Choose between the DIY version, PaperCut NG, and the fully supported PaperCut MF

PaperCut NG

PaperCut NG

  • Self install, get up and running in minutes
  • Track and control unlimited printers
  • Upgrade to PaperCut MF any time


PaperCut MF

PaperCut MF

  • Manage copy, scan and fax on your MFD
  • Authenticate users with swipe or proximity cards
  • Find-Me Printing and Secure Print Release

PaperCut MF

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